Youth Group Sessions

Join us on our Sunfast 37 or GK29.   We offer 2/3 hour sessions to youth groups as an introduction to sailing. Sessions can include a fun time anchoring in one of the delightful bays in Plymouth Sound, hotdog and drink refreshments.

Price £220 per day for a skipper and yacht. Our instructors have been CRB checked by both the RYA. (eg. 4 sessions, max 5 students plus 1 leader plus skipper) per yacht.

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.




Complete your Water Activities, Challenge badges, longer trips available for Explorer Badge Awards and D of E.

Permission to Board: We will have our new crew ask permission before they come aboard. We will tell them where to stow their belongings and what to expect aboard.

Staying Afloat: We have one of the new crew demonstrate to the whole boat how to correctly put on a life jacket and adjust it for their size.

All Hands On Deck: During our safety speech, before we leave the marina, we discuss personal safety, if there is a fire aboard, how to send a mayday message on the radio and how to work the boat systems safely. What to do if someone falls overboard: We will carry out a fun man overboard exercise using a fender.

Steering the yacht: Each person will have a chance to steer the boat either under power or sail.

Deck work: Our port and starboard youth crew members will learn how to tie the boat onto the quay and some knots in order to hold fenders on.

Hoist the Sails: Our new crew will have the chance to raise the sails and will take part as active members of the crew.

Wonders of sailing:

  • Which direction is the wind?
  • Why does the water have ripples and waves on it?
  • Does the water level always stay the same? Why or why not?

Sailing ON the water

  • How does a yacht move without an engine pushing it?
  • Why does the boat “lean” from one side to another?
  • What are the names of the sails and parts of the yacht?