International Certificate of Competence (ICC)


If you are chartering a vessel abroad, you will generally need proof of your competence.

The ICC certificate is a requirement in many EU countries under the requirements of UNECE ITC Resolution 40, even if you have RYA qualifications. Your RYA qualification is UK based and some countries do not accept it as proof of competence. Boaters who need an ICC, but do not wish to attend an RYA training course, can take the ICC assessment to prove their competence. Candidates must already have a good level of practical competence and be able to navigate to the level of Day Skipper in order to be successful in obtaining the ICC.

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The two day ICC assessment consists of practical non RYA course time on the water and time brushing up your shorebased skills. The syllabus for the assessment is published in the ICC Application Form or candidates can purchase the RYA ICC Handbook to guide them through the requirements.

Eligibility – Download the ICC form to check whether you are eligible to take the ICC.

Download the ICC Aplication Form here

An applicant who has passed an RYA training course which proves their ability to skipper a vessel, such as the Day Skipper Practical Course or the Power Boat Level 2 Course, has proved their competence and therefore on presentation of their certificate the ICC can be issued directly from the RYA.

If you are visiting the French Canals then you will also need a CEVNI certificate which you can take via our RYA Interactive programme.

You may also need the CEVNI certificate if you plan to enter the inland waterway system. One person on your vessel will also need a VHF licence.