The Grenadines that vary little during the year, being around 28 C in high season and 31 C in low season where you can sail safely all year round.  Dry season extends from Jan – May, but even in the “rainy season” the weather in Grenada and the Grenadines is normally very sunny with only brief showers during the day.- the weather is warm as is the rain, the locals call it “liquid sunshine!

Sailing conditions in Grenada – enjoy warm winds east to north east 15 – 20 knots, beaufort Force 4 to 5 in high season (Dec – Apr) & east to south east 10 – 15 knots, beaufort Force 3 to 4 in low season (May – Nov). Less sheltered than areas to the South of the Grenadines, makes for a more exciting sailing environment with sea state of 1m to 1.3m.

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